Watering Calendar: How To Care For Your New Lawn

Don't ever forget the most important part of lawn maintenance: WATER!

Water is the most important element to all living things and your lawn is no exception. When new sod is installed, it is crucial to water the new sod frequently. Here is what you need to do to secure our guarantee of a lush and green lawn all season long:

  • Water your lawn immediately after installation.
  • Follow our 3-week watering and mowing calendar.
  • Water sufficiently until the soil under the middle of the sod roll is wet. You can verify by lifting a corner of the roll!

The first 8 days after installation, your new lawn will require plenty of water. After 8 days, you may begin reducing the amount of irrigation frequency to encourage deep, healthy rooting.


A good rule to determine how long to water your lawn is to stop after about 1-2 inches (2-3 hours). You can use a water gauge or a simple tuna can in the middle of your lawn to measure the amount.


How Often Should I Mow My Lawn?

A beautiful lawn requires consistent watering and mowing. However, giving your lawn a good amount of time to grow until the first trim is very important. You can begin to mow it once it has reached a growth of 4 inches, a maximum of 5 inches. Most new lawns will require mowing around 8-13 days after installation.

Set your mower's height to the maximum for the first few cuts. Do not mow shorter than 3 inches. As time passes and your lawn settles, you may gradually lower the setting. For best results, keep your mower blades sharp and clean.

It is important to wait until the grass is dry to begin mowing. Also, the best time of day to mow your lawn is in the morning or mid-afternoon. Don't worry about the clippings, leaving them behind will provide a good Nitrogen boost and they will decompose quickly.

Important note: Water your lawn immediately after mowing.



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