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LAWN MAINTENANCE 101: Your Guide To The Perfect Lawn

MCD Landscaping & Contracting will handle all of your landscaping needs that require the expertise of a professional. However, the weekly watering and mowing of your lawn will be left to you to complete. Don't worry! We will teach you everything you need to know to keep your new lawn looking green, lush, and free from weeds. Welcome to Lawn Maintenance 101.

MCD Landscaping & Contracting offers landscaping services in Ottawa at an affordable rate and can bring any lawn back to life. Our team has been working together in the city of Ottawa since 2013. For the highest quality lawn, we always recommend using 100% Kentucky Bluegrass. Check out our Sod Installation page for more info about Kentucky Bluegrass and the benefits of choosing this seed over the other, more common options.

Our team will guide you through the entire process of caring for your Kentucky Bluegrass lawn so it stays beautiful all season long. We guarantee this Lawn Maintenance program will change your lawn for the better.


Don't ever forget the most important part of lawn maintenance: WATER!

Water is the more important element to all living things and your lawn is no exception. When new sod is installed, it is crucial to water the new sod frequently. Here is what you need to do to secure our guarantee of a lush and green lawn all season long:

Water your lawn immediately after installation.

Follow our 3-week watering and mowing calendar.

Water sufficiently until the soil under the middle of the sod roll is wet. You can verify by lifting a corner of the roll! 


The first 8 days after installation, your new lawn will require plenty of water. After 8 days, you may begin reducing the amount of irrigation frequency to encourage deep, healthy rooting.


A good rule to determine how long to water your lawn is to stop after about 1-2 inches (2-3 hours). You can use a water gauge or a simple tuna can in the middle of your lawn to measure the amount.

Watering Calendar


Our mission is to earn our customer's trust. We provide affordable rates and an individual approach to meet our customer's needs.


A beautiful lawn requires consistent watering and mowing. However, giving your lawn a good amount of time to grow until the first trim is very important. You can begin to mow it once it has reached a growth of 4 inches, a maximum of 5 inches. Most new lawns will require mowing around 8-13 days after installation.


Set your mower's height to the maximum for the first few cuts. Do not mow shorter than 3 inches. As time passes and your lawn settles, you may gradually lower the setting. For best results, keep your mower blades sharp and clean.


It is important to wait until the grass is dry to begin mowing. Also, the best time of day to mow your lawn is in the morning or mid-afternoon.  Don't worry about the clippings, leaving them behind will provide a good Nitrogen boost and they will decompose quickly.


Important note: Water your lawn immediately after mowing.



Thank you for choosing MCD Landscaping & Contracting as your lawn care provider. Whether you need us for a brand new lawn or to help you maintain what you currently have, it is a pleasure for us to have you as a valued customer.


Protecting your new lawn investment with the proper care it critical. By following our free guide, you are ensuring the success of your investment. The results will speak for themselves!


MCD Landscaping & Contracting is a family-owned and operated business focused on providing the best landscaping services to all of our customers in Ottawa. MCD Landscaping & Contracting offers:

  • Lawn care and replacement
  • Interlock lift and relay
  • Driveway sealing
  • Snow removal
  • Foundation repairs
  • Irrigation.

We provide quality services at affordable rates. Contact us today at (613) 701-6429 for a free quote on your next landscaping project.

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"Nice job on installing my new lawn! Very informative about how to take care of it. These guys are awesome if you're looking for a green lawn!"

Bruce D.


"I am highly pleased with the professional manner in which James handled my situation and concerns when I called worried about my lawn. Just a quick posting. I am very pleased with the way you're doing business. You have definitely gained a new customer who will refer all of her friends to MCD Landscaping & Contracting."

Leon B.


"MCD Landscaping & Contracting has done an OUTSTANDING job for us over the past three years. We're ALWAYS impressed with the professionalism of James his follow-ups and the workers at MCD, whether it be maintenance or landscaping. Our lawn has never looked better! We are very happy with the reliable and great quality work that was provided to us. We highly recommend MCD for your yard!"

Liah E.


"We hired MCD Landscaping & Contracting to re-sod our entire property (front, side, and back) and were very happy with the quality of the product, service, and attention to detail! Would most definitely recommend them to anyone looking to freshen up their outdoor space!"

Chris F.


"You can tell that the staff at MCD Landscaping & Contracting are very passionate about what they do and will ensure the satisfaction of their clients. I am also pleased with the sales team who have been able to answer many of our questions and ensure that we are correctly following the care and maintenance of our new yard, fence, and front porch so that we can keep the integrity of their beautiful and hard work providing us a beautiful property to continue growing our family!"

Sandra M.


"I had my lawn redone last summer, today I received a call from the salesman James to discuss lawn maintenance to keep my new lawn beautiful. The customer service offered by this company is very impressive. From start to end it was impeccable. My lawn looked amazing all summer long."

Monique S.


"We would like to thank MCD Landscaping & Contracting for their excellent support & guidance. James provided us timely and helpful advice regarding our lawn and our re-sodding purchase. You let us know all the important information regarding the job. We could tell you're a professional you made me feel at ease with your manners incredible knowledge and ability to answer all of our concerns over our lawn which was a critical requirement for us over our conversation last night. Please accept our gratitude towards your customer care for your speedy answering of the phone, and house visit, and efficient service to see us. I would especially like to commend James for his professionalism and superlative skills."

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guide to lawn maintenance
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Q: Do I need to fertilize my lawn?

A: Fertilizing your lawn is very important to grass health. It provides the nutrients to outgrow weeds. Timing is of the essence! In the fall, the turf has stopped growing above the soil, but the roots are still active. We recommend following up with fertilization in late May or early June.

Q: What type of maintenance packages does MCD Landscaping & Contracting offer?

A: With every sodding project, we offer a lifetime maintenance package that includes monthly fertilizing and weeding. After two years, we begin aeration which is another essential part of the process of having the most luscious, green grass ever.

Call us today at (613) 701-6429 for more information on the perfect maintenance package for you!

Q: Weeds always grow in my yard. How can I avoid this from happening with my new MCD lawn?

A: Any time you are planting seeds yourself, you are unable to control weeds while the seedlings are germinating. Exposed dirt will grow vegetation (half grass, half weeds) and quickly become an eyesore. This is why we offer re-sodding instead! Our grass already has a root system because it has already gone through the 45-day period. The roots will adhere to your topsoil within 7 days, creating an instantly beautiful lawn without the hassle of weeding or waiting to see results.

Q: What is lawn aeration?

A: Aeration alleviates compacted soil and provides a better flow of water, air, and vital nutrients. This produces deeper roots and healthier grass.

Q: Where is MCD Landscaping & Contracting located in Ottawa?

A: We are located at 642 Gardenvale Rd, Ottawa, ON K1K 1E6.